New 2020: Shopify + Facebook + Secret Weapon Sales Strategy (Zero Processing Fees*)

Shopify + Facebook Advertising Strategy + Presently (Group Gift) Strategy

Hey EcomConquestadors!

In this post, I will share with you a summary but you need to watch the video for some value bombs at the end (hint free niche idea and products where this strategy would rock!) 

Who can use this online sales strategy?

I believe that online, offline and everyone in between (yes there is an in-between)

Shopify sellers, ecom sales funnel sellers, Etsy sellers, bricks and mortar stores like Sally's Salon down the road that is closed due to the COVID-19 lockdown could use this!

Summary of Shopify Facebook ads strategy using Presently!

  1. Create a gift card/occasion gift bundle for your online store/business niche
  2. Run "life event" Facebook ads targeted at people with friends who have birthdays in 30 days as an example
  3. *For the month of April 2020 get free credit card processing fees from Presently.
  4. Offer a free service of setting up the Group Gift for your customer on Presently to differentiate yourself.

For more details check out the video above.

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P.S. We hope to hear about how successful your group gift campaign worked!