About Us

The Team Behind EcomConquest

The managing team behind EcomConquest are Adrian Brambila and Eugene De Souza. 

Both individuals have a vast skill set that runs deep in a few focused areas. Areas such as sales, online business, audience building, digital marketing, paid media advertising, SEO and most of all consumer intent research.

Adrian Brambila:

Adrian Brambila EcomConquest Dropshipping Shopify


He has a book inside of him waiting to be written!

From dancing with T-Pain as a professional dancer, pivoting from corporate job to building multiple 6 figure per month side businesses over a number of years in different niches, YouTube play button awards, millions of views and traveling the world on his terms!

He is now using his online assets to invest in offline assets! Where creating cashflow has become the game!

It is evident that Adrian loves giving back, being transparent and teaching others how to create a life they are proud of. This can be seen from his early YouTube videos to everything else he has ever published online. 

He leads from a place of serving.

He is a great role model for how to build a lifestyle of freedom and wealth through consistent, perseverance, hard and smart work with online assets!

He has done it all, virtually everything! 

He has become an absolutely master at Shopify dropshipping, Amazon FBA, Scaling massively on Facebook & Google, building online communities that reach millions, absolutely crushing it with affiliate marketing ($1 million in a year online, we would all call that CRUSHING IT) - Adrian is a wealth of knowledge and a true practitioner of the online craft! 

He is a true practitioner who doubles the rate of 'failure' to exponentially increase is success. Here is an example of what I mean. Adrian launched more than 1000 campaigns in 2019 alone! ONE THOUSAND!

200 of those were profitable and now generate him consistent return!

Eugene De Souza:

Eugene De Souza EcomConquest Ecom Dropshipping Clickfunnels

He had been selling stuff to kids since he was in school when he was roughly 10 years old and worked retail every weekend and school holiday through his teens to his early twenties. He then later in parallel sold cosmetics, Tupperware and print media subscriptions throughout university and ran a sales team selling the same products.

Sales and marketing became the foundation of his skill sets which has helped him generate in excess of $209 million in a decade in tech sales.

In 2015 Eugene fell in love with online business. He would much rather be building something online as a hobby in his spare time than participating in other more 'conventional' hobbies.

This hobby would quickly become an obsession that would lead him to learning and trying out loads of things online from blogging, to affiliate marketing, to social media community building and more.

Tired of the office 9-5 cubicle rate race, he became familiar with Adrian's work and soon after was personally coached and mentored by Adrian.

He quickly mastered the art of consumer backed data research and online sales with physical products and later affiliate marketing.

It wasn't until this point that he started to have real tangible success online.

He created an impactful brand that reached tens of thousands of people using sales funnels, a dropshipping store and paid media advertising with Google, YouTube and Facebook ads, influencers as well as SEO and email marketing with ridiculously high conversions rates! This resulted in thousands of dollars in sales and tons of cheap leads that built up his database across multiple niches for future promotions!

About EcomConquest

EcomConquest was launched in early 2018 by Adrian Brambila and the team!

EcomConquest was born out of the necessity that finding winning products has been an age old challenge for all e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Especially true winning products that are based on consumer data backed research and not engagement!

In early 2020 Adrian and Eugene partnered up to launch EcomConquest '2.0'.

The market has changed but the problems have not! Finding winning products is still a challenge for most new and experienced sellers.

Some would argue that there are additional challenges like creating valuable content that helps sell your product or how to package an offer instead of just trying to sell a product.

We developed EcomConquest to solve this simply, through our proprietary proven research methods of finding winning e-commerce products that our members can easily copy and paste to run ads to raving fans of their brands.

EcomConquest is much more than just a done for you consumer data backed product research service. EcomConquest is a research service that provides you with ways to sell and market your products. We provide you with funnels, ad copy, content creation ideas, influencer research, SEO and product keyword listings and so much more.

EcomConquest provides access to Adrian and Eugene's time on a monthly basis in our live member-only community calls where we will share from our own experiences and testing as well as give our members direct access to ask questions to a 7 figure e-commerce online seller and our esteemed guests.

This access alone could be sold as a stand alone service but it is free for members of EcomConquest's Diamond plan.

You can learn more about that HERE 

We look forward to you joining our community and sharing your successes that you have had with our products, resources, tools and coaching like so many others have before.