Proudly Local Supplier FAQ

Leverage our community of sellers as your FREE sales force!

We're super proud of supporting local American Made Businesses Since 2018 🇺🇸

Something that we at EcomConquest pride ourselves on is our supplier marketplace.

We look to source high quality products from local manufacturers, in the USA but not limited to the USA, to help give your products free exposure to reach tens of thousands of potential customers through our community of online sellers.

Our community has over 1000 online sellers and growing each month.

These online entrepreneurs have their own online stores, blogs and brands, that sell on Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, and other sales channels.

They spend their own money to run ads, create content, build loyal followings, run marketing campaigns and even build relationships with influencers in their respective niche categories to sell quality products.

Listing with us, for free, gives you a unique opportunity to tap into this community to expand your business by making sales of your products that you do not have to spend your own money to market and promote.

EcomConquest USA Local Supplier Drop Ship Manufacturer Marketplace FAQ

How much does it cost me to list my products on your marketplace as a supplier?

  • No cost to you at all. Listing your products on our community marketplace is completely free to you. This is one way we, as EcomConquest, can help businesses get free exposure to grow their brands and businesses by helping us list high quality products.

What is drop shipping?

  • Drop shipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers its customer's orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer (Source: Wikipedia).

What is blind drop shipping and must I drop ship like this?

  • Blind drop shipping is when a supplier/manufacturer does not include any identifiable information, promotional materials with their own branding on or in the packaging of the delivery.
  • Yes. Please blind drop ship as our seller community would be the brand that the end customer see's and we wouldn't want to compromise the trust of the customer at the end of the sale.
  • Please blind drop ship as per normal blind drop shipping practices and as per above definition.

Do I need to drop ship my products?

  • Yes.
  • Please send us the details of your drop ship program and your drop ship pricing including MAP pricing if applicable.
  • We will list your products on our marketplace.
  • Our community of sellers will promote and market your products for you at no cost to you.
  • When a customer buys on one of our community sellers websites they will process the order with us.
  • We will then process it with you as the supplier and then you ship it out to the end customer with blind drop shipping and no promotional emails to keep our supply chain's integrity in tact.

Do I need to have a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) Policy as a supplier?

  • This is not mandatory but recommended.
  • We will take your lead on the MAP for your products so that the market doesn't sell below a certain price and keeps things fair for everyone.

I am a wholesaler, can I list my products on your marketplace?

  • Absolutely, please send through your price list so we can review this.

Do I need to provide product descriptions & images?

  • Yes please. This helps us get your products onto our community marketplace quicker and also helps us optimize these product descriptions with ranking keywords.
  • The quicker your product listings (descriptions and images) get uploaded to our community marketplace, the sooner our community of online sellers (your free sales force) can start generating sales for your products!
  • This applies to drop ship suppliers, wholesale suppliers and any other supplier we engage with.

Do I need to run any ads or spend money on driving leads and traffic to my products listed on your marketplace?

  • No, our community of sellers will use their own cash and labour of love with their blogs and email lists to drive sales of your products.

    What if I no longer want to have my products listed on your marketplace?

    • That would be a very sad day for us and our community of sellers but we would absolutely honour your wishes.
    • Just send us an email and we will remove your products from our marketplace.
    • We will also notify our community of sellers via email to request them to remove your products off their sales channels.

    What if I upgrade, update or discontinue my product?

    • We're sure that you would have a valid reason for doing this.
    • Please email us to let us know about the changes and we will update the necessary on our marketplace.
    • We will notify our community of sellers via email to request them to do the necessary as per your request regarding your products on their sales channels.

    What does EcomConquest need from me as a supplier?

    1. Let us know if you are keen to list your products on our supplier marketplace at no cost to you. It's that easy to get the ball rolling.
    2. Let us know if you only want to list some or all of your product catalogue.
    3. Send through some links to your most popular products and your new products that you want to accelerate sales for and we will review them.
    4. Send over a link to your Returns Policy, Shipping Policy, Free Shipping terms or let us know to check your website.

    Count me in! Where do I sign up? 

    • Please fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you.

    I have some other questions that haven't been addressed above, how do I contact you?

    • Please feel free to reach out to us using the below contact form and we would be happy to have a chat.