Christianity: Affiliate Niche Product Offer Data & Insights Research Report (ANPO)
Christianity: Affiliate Niche Product Offer Data & Insights Research Report (ANPO)
Christianity: Affiliate Niche Product Offer Data & Insights Research Report (ANPO)
Christianity: Affiliate Niche Product Offer Data & Insights Research Report (ANPO)
Christianity: Affiliate Niche Product Offer Data & Insights Research Report (ANPO)
Christianity: Affiliate Niche Product Offer Data & Insights Research Report (ANPO)
Christianity: Affiliate Niche Product Offer Data & Insights Research Report (ANPO)
Christianity: Affiliate Niche Product Offer Data & Insights Research Report (ANPO)
Christianity: Affiliate Niche Product Offer Data & Insights Research Report (ANPO)
Christianity: Affiliate Niche Product Offer Data & Insights Research Report (ANPO)
Christianity: Affiliate Niche Product Offer Data & Insights Research Report (ANPO)
Christianity: Affiliate Niche Product Offer Data & Insights Research Report (ANPO)
Christianity: Affiliate Niche Product Offer Data & Insights Research Report (ANPO)
Christianity: Affiliate Niche Product Offer Data & Insights Research Report (ANPO)
Christianity: Affiliate Niche Product Offer Data & Insights Research Report (ANPO)
Christianity: Affiliate Niche Product Offer Data & Insights Research Report (ANPO)
Christianity: Affiliate Niche Product Offer Data & Insights Research Report (ANPO)
Christianity: Affiliate Niche Product Offer Data & Insights Research Report (ANPO)
Christianity: Affiliate Niche Product Offer Data & Insights Research Report (ANPO)
Christianity: Affiliate Niche Product Offer Data & Insights Research Report (ANPO)
Christianity: Affiliate Niche Product Offer Data & Insights Research Report (ANPO)

Christianity: Affiliate Niche Product Offer Data & Insights Research Report (ANPO)

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 This research document will give you everything you need to include these affiliate offers, products, and content ideas into your existing blog articles, email marketing campaigns, slot them into your sales funnels thank you pages.

You could even use them as a lead gen opportunity to offer discounts or access to the affiliate offer, coupon, etc. in exchange for an email address from your audience and sell them more via your email autoresponder. 



Let's go through this resource together, we'll assess the Christianity niche. 

This niche is a moderately evergreen niche that's ready to be penetrated with your high-quality offers and content!

We're going to go over why we believe it's a profitable niche for you to consider, how much cash is being circulated in spend in this niche, and who is spending their dollars. 

This will enable you to know who your target audience is, how to talk to them, what their pain points are, what content solutions you can provide to their problems, and questions that they ask every single month.

We will give you the data and insights you need to build out solid offers and content.

Offers and content that you can include in your TOFU (Top of Funnel) through your MOFU (Middle of Funnel) to the gold mine known as the BOFU (Bottom of Funnel) where customers give you cash for valuable products and services that you provide.

We'll share lists of best-selling physical, digital, and service products so you know what options you have to serve your audience.

You will be exposed to the highest-ranking content in the niche, who the niche influencers are.

We have curated a lot of resources of popular blogs, forums, podcasts, and social media profiles that you can use for advertising and traffic goals.

We have included some suggestions of physical dropshipping products from the largest e-commerce marketplace and their suppliers in the event you want to supercharge your affiliate sales funnels with these products.

You could also head over to AliExpress to see if you can find these products there and plug them into your eCommerce product sales funnels or Shopify store should you build that out.

One of the most invaluable pieces of this research document is the Cart Maximization Recommendation section. This is a section to give you an idea, spark the imagination to help you put annuity revenue into your affiliate business when you're ready to do so. 

We'll share the common problems, pain points, and issues people in the Christianity niche have as well as highly viral blog content ideas, domain/business name suggestions, great niche-specific keywords, who's advertising, and more.

In conclusion, we'll share why we think you should get involved in the Christianity niche and how you can command this niche over time.

All of these research resources in our vault are comprehensively researched and produced to help you launch or grow your affiliate e-commerce brand online and start making a profit from this niche.

You can keep it simple and run it like an e-mail communications affiliate marketing business and create lead magnets on the front-end and offer affiliate products on the backend or because many of the niches we choose are pretty flexible and open to you "shaping" these reports into a hybrid affiliate-dropshipping-subscription business.

Really it's only your imagination that will limit you.



For those of us that love to get our education in a quick bite-sized video, here you go:

What is Christianity?

Christianity is about one life, this is the life of Jesus.
This can be summed up in a few short answers to three questions.

1. Who is Jesus Christ?
He’s the Christ. The King who God himself had promised to send, who would put everything right by setting up a kingdom of justice and love. He’s also the Son of God. God himself, entering the world as a human being.

Jesus proved who he was by what he did. He healed people. He calmed storms. He raised the dead. By doing these things, the King was giving a glimpse of life in his kingdom. A perfect place, with no suffering, fear or death. It’s the world we all want.

2. Why did Jesus come to earth?

He came to be rejected:
Many people of His time rejected him. They believed they would be happier by making up their own rules and living outside the Kingdom of God.

This rejection of the King is something we all do. Jesus called it sin. It damages our lives and will eventually leave us separated from the joy of being in the kingdom. God won’t let those who reject the King live with him. So we face what Jesus called hell. An existence without anything good, forever.

Jesus came to be killed:
People rejected the King so violently that they killed him by nailing him to a cross. But his death wasn’t a mistake by God – it was a masterstroke. On the cross, Jesus was cut off from God’s friendship and goodness. He chose to experience hell – so that we don’t have to. The sinless King died to take the punishment sin deserves. Jesus was opening the way into his kingdom.

Jesus Christ came to rise again:
Three days after his execution, his tomb was found to be empty. Over the next few weeks, many ate with Jesus. Dozens spoke with him. Hundreds saw him. Jesus the King could not be contained by death. He had risen!

3. What does this mean for the followers of Jesus Christ and Christianity?
So, today, right now, Jesus is inviting people to come into his kingdom. He tells us to repent and believe the good news. Repent means to turn around, to live with Jesus in charge instead of ourselves. Believe means to trust that Jesus has done everything we need to give us a place in his kingdom.

Living with Jesus as King isn’t easy. His followers will be rejected, just as he was. But they also live a life of deep security, satisfaction, and joy, knowing God and his forgiveness, being helped by his Spirit, and looking forward to the King’s return, when he will finally establish his loving kingdom forever. Jesus freely offers all this to anyone and everyone who repents and believes. (

Wikipedia suggests and refers to Christianity as "an Abrahamic monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

Its adherents, known as Christians, believe that Jesus is the Christ, whose coming as the Messiah was prophesied in the Hebrew Bible, called the Old Testament in Christianity, and chronicled in the New Testament.[1]

It is the world's largest religion, with about 2.4 billion followers as of 2020.

[2] Christians make up a majority of the population in 157 countries and territories.[3]" (Wikipedia)

With Christianity being the largest religion in the world according to Wikipedia, this can confirm quite a bit for us as marketers looking to serve this audience with products, services and more.

It checks all the boxes for a really passionate audience, who is global, very active and according to, it is common practice for a congregation to give 2.5% or more of their annual income to their local church or congregation.

This giving is called a tithe. Some have estimated that this can tally upwards of $1 trillion per year.

With these statistics, it gives us a good indication that if you are to provide the right kinds of products, services, resources to Christians where they can display and showcase their pride in their faith you stand to earn a pretty penny and help people dive deeper into their faith. It is a win-win for everyone. Even more so if you include a cause-based effort in your offer. (Refer to the Impact PLayer Research section below for some ideas).

Source/Credit:, Wikipedia,, Britannica

Christianity is growing, which is awesome news for the opportunity that it presents for social and digital commerce.

Christianity is growing 5 times faster than Atheism and is said to be growing at a rate of 1.19% and is expected to continue to grow

There are a number of trends that are happening in 2020 in the realm of Christianity according to the Status of Global Christianity report from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

By 2050, Charismatic Christians will outnumber that of non-religions.

It is believed that this branch of Christianity will exceed 1 billion, while the non-religious will be closing in on 850 million. (

It is believed that over 100 million Bibles per year will be printed by 2025.
This is over and above that of all the digital ways people can access The Word of God.

Today, in 2020, it's estimated that 95 million Bibles will be printed each year. However, by 2025, that will have increased to 110 million.

"Religion annually contributes about $1.2 trillion dollars of socio-economic value to the United States economy, according to a 2016 study" (

This equates to more than the global annual revenues of the world’s top 10 tech companies, including Apple, Amazon and Google. 

Churches are outsourcing more than ever before. In a digital-first world loads of freelancers are seeing opportunities to support churches through digital tasks. (Reaching Right Studios)

This is very interesting for us in the digital commerce space. Let me tell you why I say this. 

Yes for the most part this ANPO research report is focused on you selling to consumers. However, there seems to be a B2B market here where the churches themselves will hire, purchase products, and outsource work to freelancers.

You might want to consider creating a digital platform that sold high-end equipment to churches, either in a dropshipping manner or as an affiliate. Let me give you an example of products that churches need.

They need screens, lots of them, they need audio setups - serious equipment. Most of them require broadcasting equipment. They will also need seating, coffee machines, office equipment, etc. 

Now at the time of writing this, we're in the middle of the pandemic so most churches have not yet resumed full services with the full number of congregation attending.

They will need technology support, consulting, to continue to keep their digital presence going. 

You may want to offer services as an affiliate for these skills. Not as sexy but viable as a means of generating revenue.

There is a serious market opportunity to provide a bunch of valuable products and services to a passionate audience that wants to give you money for high-quality solutions. 

Here is a list for you to consider in terms of some items you could provide this niche

  • Printables: Coloring pages, games, planners, kids educational printables, etc.
  • Bible Study Resources
  • Sunday School Resources
  • Bible Journaling
  • Christian relationship and marriage courses and coaching - you could offer this yourself or you could offer it as an affiliate
  • Christian products in the parenting and motherhood space
  • Christian finance and budgeting tips, planners, etc. even courses and communities around this topic. 
  • Christian Crafts could be a sub-niche that is undeserved. You could create or be an affiliate of Christian Crafters boxes and get Christians to support your business through a subscription model

Go visit Bloggers for The Kingdom for more ideas that showcase the size of this market.

Source/Credit:, Bloggers for The Kingdom,, Washington Post


According to Wikipedia, Christianity can be divided into 5 main groups:

The Church of the EastOriental OrthodoxyEastern OrthodoxyRoman Catholicism, and Protestantism.

Protestantism includes many groups that do not share any ecclesiastical governance and have widely diverging beliefs and practices.

From the results of a Gallup Study, 50% of Americans belong to a church. That is a large number.

The same Gallup poll showed that only 42% of millennials attend church.

Churches and religious businesses that want to reach this group of people should invest in online technologies and digital content assets that drive and support digital commerce sales of Christian products and services that these millennials can purchase to support their faith.

Having a look at some trends from Reach Right Studios, there is a very interesting breakdown by generation of religious preference.

Traditionalists, polled at 89% with the highest religious preference having a set religion.

Baby boomers have an 84% religious preference.

Generation X is at 79%  and millennials at 68% in terms of having a religious preference. 

Many Christians, myself included, are joining church services remotely. Often over YouTube. 
This brings a massive opportunity for us as digital commerce sellers. 

We know that there are going to be people watching the church services replays, you have the ability to run ads on a YouTube channel.

If you sold Teenage Bibles you might want to place your ads on a church channel and serve those parents that have a need for getting their teens a Bible that is age-appropriate and applicable.

Here are some psychographic stats for you to consider and think over in terms of the spending power of this audience.

According to Non-Profit Source and Reach Right Studios

  • 80% of those who give have zero credit card debt. Odds are, this is likely your older demographic as many millennials have credit card debt, student loans and mortgages.
  • 60% of people prefer to give digitally or online.
  • Churches can increase tithes by 32% by offering an online option.
  • 37% of members who attend church regularly don’t tithe.
  • 77% of people who do tithe give over 10% of their income, with some giving as much as 20%.
  • Only 1% of members who earn over $75,000 a year give at least 10% of their income.



Source/Credit: Wikipedia, Gallup, Reach Right StudiosNon-Profit Source


Google: (Google figures depicted in average monthly searches)

  • Estimated CPC: $1.16
  • Monthly Search Volume: 6,600
  1. christian gifts for women
  2. christian gifts for men
  3. christian gifts for kids
  4. christian gifts for mom
  5. christian gifts for dad
  6. christian gifts for christmas
  7. christian gifts for girlfriend
  8. christian gifts for friends
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  11. christian video game reviews
  12. best christian movies
  13. bible study guides
  14. difference between christian and catholic
  15. christian marriage counseling
  16. born again christian beliefs
  17. famous christian quotes
  18. christian vacation resorts
  19. christian wedding ceremony script
  20. famous christian scientists
  21. top 10 christian rock bands
  22. christian affiliate programs
  23. who were the first christians
  24. heavy metal christian bands
  25. christian concert tickets


  1. christian gifts for women
  2. christian gifts for men
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  1. christian gifts for women
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  20. christian gifts for women 2019


  1. best christian songs
  2. best christian songs 2020
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  6. best christian music 2020
  7. best christian songs of all time
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  10. best christian songs 2019
  11. best christian books
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  13. best christian rappers
  14. best christian dating apps


  • Monthly Search Volume: 5,200
  • Estimated CPC bid: $0.80
  1. christian gifts for women
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  5. christian gifts for women birthday
  6. christian gifts for teen girls
  7. christian gifts for teens
  8. christian gifts for women under 5 dollars
  9. christian gifts for children
  10. christian gifts for women jewelry


  1. christianity
  2. christianity in the united states
  3. christianity and islam
  4. christianity in the 1st century
  5. christianity and judaism
  6. christianity in india
  7. christianity in china
  8. christianity and homosexuality
  9. christianity in africa
  10. christianity in the middle ages

Google Trends Screenshot (Worldwide): (Click Here for real-time trend data)

Google Trends Screenshot (USA): (Click Here for real-time trend data)

Have a look at the trend above, you'll notice that interest in the Christianity niche is moderately consistent and seasonally evergreen and is forecasted to maintain the demand for the years to follow.

There is pretty much always going to be new people coming into this niche. Which means new prospects and new customers.

This is because people all over the world search for solutions and products in this niche and are constantly looking for new ones.

You literally just need to take action on this document as all the market research is done for you. Don't copy but model what works, don't reinvent the wheel.

Use the ideas here to create similar content for your blog, email newsletters, inspire social media content, and for amazing vlog/podcast pieces to get your brand out there as a thought leader and authority.

People are eager to share awesome content such as articles, posts, videos, podcasts, and all types of content in this niche. This will result in your brand being found all over the web in these passionate groups of prospects and customers.

Popular Content Pieces:

  1. Kids Bible Lessons
  2. Kids Bible Games
  3. Kids Bible Trivia
  4. Kids Bible Coloring Pages
  5. Bible study for women
  6. Bible study for men
  7. Bible study for beginners

Opportunities for you to provide solutions to common questions or areas of interest:

  1. Can I make money with a Christian blog?
  2. Most profitable niche for a Christian blogger?
  3. How do I make money as a Christian blogger?
  4. Bible Studies
  5. Bible Study Tips
  6. Bible Study Resources
  7. Bible Study Printables
  8. Bible Verses About Posts
  9. tips for raising Godly kids
  10. spiritual growth tips for busy moms
  11. resources to help teach kids the Bible
  12. Devotionals for moms
  13. what is Christianity
  14. family Christian book store
  15. Christian t-shirts
  16. online dating for Christian
  17. Christian rock bands
  18. bible verses for love
  19. free Christian books
  20. what is Christian fellowship
  21. free online bible study
  22. Christian home décor


Use these domain name ideas as a starting point for your blog and website.

Use this handy tool to check if the domain name you want to use is available and across how many social media channels it is available too.



(Seasonal: Can the products in this niche sell every Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter. Evergreen: Can the products in this niche sell it all year round. Trending: Get on this niche and the products in it now as it won't be around in a few months time or not at this high demand)

  • Seasonal: Yes (around Christian holidays)
  • Evergreen: Yes
  • Trending: Yes (around Christian holidays)


(Use the below types of affiliate product ideas in your email marketing, blog posts, social media posts/bio links or thank you pages in your funnels, etc.)


Ensure you're signed up for the Amazon Associates program. Get your links and embed them into your blog posts and other sales channels.

Here's a link to signup for the Amazon Associates program. Click Here.

Simply search Christianity, Christian, or a variation of this and see what other products look appealing to promote.

Trick: Type the word Christianity into the Amazon search bar and press your space bar. Amazon will then autosuggest terms that could bring you some great suggestions for promoting as an Amazon Affiliate.

  1. Thoughts Gift Throw Blanket: Est. Sales, 3k. Est. Revenue, $90k
  2. Scripture Cards: Est. Sales, 4k. Est. Revenue, $52k
  3. Amazing Grace chimes: Est. Sales, 920. Est. Revenue, $32k
  4. Prayer For Mom Plaque: Est. Sales, 495. Est. Revenue, $14k
  5. God's Promises Daily Calendar: Est. Sales, 1k. Est. Revenue, $12k

ClickBank: (Only products that meet our criteria on ClickBank will be included, where we don't find these products based on the niche being researched, we'll leave this blank and mark it with a N/A)

  1. 7 Day Prayer Miracle

  1. Christian Strong
  2. Christian Cafe
  3. Church Source
  4. CrossFit
  6. FaithBox


  1. Christianity Today
  2. Christian Dating
  3. Christian Cafe Dating

Kindle eBooks: (Do a book review, provide the table of contents, provide a free summary, etc. as a lead magnet to build your email database up and then embed your affiliate link in your email and the lead magnet)

Trick: Use the "Look Inside" feature on Amazon to get insight into this book and create your lead magnet this way without having to buy the book yourself.

  1. Broken Signposts
  2. Mere Christianity
  3. Cold case Christianity
  4. Confronting Christianity
  5. Turning Point

Udemy Courses:

Here's a link to signup for the Udemy Affiliate program. Click Here.

  1. Simply Jesus
  2. Worldviews
  3. All About Christianity

Coursera Courses:

Here's a link to signup for the Coursera Affiliate program. Click Here.

  1. A journey through Western Christianity
  2. The Bible Purpose
  3. The wonders of the Bible Education

Skillshare Courses:

Here's a link to signup for the Skillshare Affiliate program. Click Here.

  1. Practical Ways to Hear God
  2. Bible Journalling
  3. Bible Art Journalling


These are great ideas as a starting point for stand-alone affiliate programs that you can consider promoting through your channels and content.

  1. American Bible Society
  2. Answers In Genesis
  3. Bein Harim Tours
  4. Bible Verse Gifts
  5. BibleBelles
  6. Christian Book
  7. Christian Café
  8. Christian Gear
  9. ChurchSource
  10. DaySpring
  11. eHarmony
  12. Fontanini
  13. Guiding Light Video
  14. Ignatius Press
  15. Ivy Robes
  16. Judaica Webstore
  17. Kerusso
  18. Life Posters
  19. Mozaico
  20. Nest Learning
  21. PureFlix
  22. S&S Worldwide
  23. The Jerusalem Gift Shop
  24. Trinity Road Websites

Affiliate Program #1: Mozaico

Here is a screenshot of the affiliate product brand's homepage, so you know you didn't get redirected to some other brands' website accidentally.

  • Homepage URL: Link
  • Affiliate Program URL: Link
  • Commission: 15%
  • Cookie: 90 Days
  • About the brand: Link

Affiliate Program #2: eHarmony

Here is a screenshot of the affiliate product brand's homepage, so you know you didn't get redirected to some other brands' website accidentally.

  • Homepage URL: Link
  • Affiliate Program URL: Link
  • Commission: 20-50%
  • Cookie: 45 Days
  • About the brand: Link

Affiliate Program #3: Kerusso

Here is a screenshot of the affiliate product brand's homepage, so you know you didn't get redirected to some other brands' website accidentally.

  • Homepage URL: Link
  • Affiliate Program URL: Link
  • Commission: 10-20%
  • Cookie: 15 Days
  • About the brand: Link

Affiliate Program #4: ChurchSource

Here is a screenshot of the affiliate product brand's homepage, so you know you didn't get redirected to some other brands' website accidentally.

  • Homepage URL: Link
  • Affiliate Program URL: Link
  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie: 60 Days
  • About the brand: Link

Affiliate Program #5: BibleBelles

Here is a screenshot of the affiliate product brand's homepage, so you know you didn't get redirected to some other brands' website accidentally.

  • Homepage URL: Link
  • Affiliate Program URL: Link
  • Commission: 15%
  • Cookie: 90 Days
  • About the brand: Link


In this section you'll discover a detailed breakdown of everything, you need to launch a high potential successful product in this niche today!


Does your home need a fresh look? 

Do you wish you could find an amazing piece of art to showcase your love for Jesus all over your home?

A home with beautiful faith-filled Christian home decor is uplifting for your soul and everyone that visits your home!

You might have your favorite praise and worship music on, have some lovely scented candles burning but do you know what would make your home feel like a complete place of worship...

Our gorgeous 3-piece Faith, Love, Hope Canvas!

It's just what you need on a day when you're feeling low and need a pick me up, 

It is perfect to share the Word of God with anyone that enters your home because it is bound to be a talking point,

It will make the perfect background for your business meetings on Zoom or Skype and everyone will ask you where you bought your 3-piece Faith, Love, Hope Canvas!

For a limited time, you can get 50% Off & Free Shipping on this homely piece of art to make your heart and soul warm up every time you see it!

Don't delay, we have sold out on this 3-piece Faith, Love, Hope Canvas many times in the past and have ordered a limited edition run.


  • Mounted and Unmounted canvas options
  • Various sizes available
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Supports a great cause with every purchase made as 10% of profits go to (XYZ Charity) at no additional cost to you


(Estimates worked out off of 100 clicks & a 3% conversion rate)
  • Average Top Store Selling Price: $108.99 (Christian wall art)
  • COGS (Cost Of Goods Sold): $30.29 (Gooten 16x20" - Product +Shipping Costs)
  • Estimated CPA (Cost Per Acquisition): $31
  • RSP (Recommended Selling Price): $69.90+
  • Estimated Cost Per 100 Clicks: $94
  • Estimated CPC (Cost Per Click): $0.94
  • Estimated Gross Profit: $39.51
  • Estimated Profit / Loss @ 1 unit Sale AOV: $8
  • Estimated Profit / Loss @ 2 unit Sale AOV: $48
  • Estimated Profit / Loss @ 2 unit Sale AOV: $87 (If you sell 3 individual canvases with the words Love, Faith, Hope on their own canvases for e.g. thus selling 3 at the same time)


(Click supplier name below to access product supplier suggestion)

Click Button Above For One-Click Import to Shopify



  • Estimated CPC: $0.94 (Christian Wall Art)
  • Monthly Search Volume: 5,400 (Christian Wall Art)
  • Keyword Targeting: 
  1. christian wall art
  2. christian wall art hobby lobby
  3. christian wall art canvas
  4. christian wall art for living room
  5. christian wall art for dining room
  6. christian wall art for bedroom
  7. christian wall art wood
  8. christian wall art for office
  9. christian wall art for kitchen
  10. christian wall art prints
  • Google Shopping Screenshot (USA):



  • Monthly Search Volume: 2,000 (Christian Wall Art)
  • Estimated CPC bid: $0.70 (Christian Wall Art)


  • Interest & Targeting Ideas:

  • Facebook Insights Summary:

Use the below information to target SEO keywords for product listing ads and placements in search marketplaces such as Amazon for e.g.

(Add the page title as is for maximum results)

  • Search Engine Optimized Keyword-Rich Page Title: 
  • Search Engine Optimized URL: 
  • Shopify Tags for Google Shopping (Max 20):
  1. Christian wall art
  2. Christian wall art hobby lobby
  3. Christian wall art canvas
  4. Christian wall art for living room
  5. Christian wall art for dining room
  6. Christian wall art for bedroom
  7. Christian wall art wood
  8. Christian wall art for office
  9. Christian wall art for kitchen
  10. Christian wall art prints
  11. Christian canvas wall art
  12. Christian canvas art
  13. Christian canvas
  14. Christian canvas painting
  15. Christian canvas painting ideas
  16. Christian canvases
  17. Christian canvas tote bags
  18. Christian canvas artwork
  19. Christian canvas wall decor
  20. Christian canvas art for sale
  • Amazon Competitor Keywords:
  1. Christian wall art for living room
  2. Christian wall art decor
  3. Christian wall art canvas
  4. Christian wall art framed
  5. Christian wall art for bedroom
  6. Christian wall art for office
  7. Christian wall art for kids
  8. Christian wall art children
  9. Christian wall art stickers
  10. Christian wall art for men


(Use the Ad Copy Ideas below to brainstorm angles of how you would position the product uniquely.

e.g. Slingshots might be a cool toy to knock cans off a wall in the backyard, but a great copy angle and potentially unsaturated market would-be fishermen. Yes, fishermen!

Example of Ad copy: "Do you want to catch fish that no one else can get to? Use our Lure Launcher Pro to get your lure further than ever before and catch the fish that one else can get to! Imagine those bragging rights!"

Something like that... the Lure Launcher Pro is actually a plain old slingshot with a twist! Now it doesn't always have to be a brand new market angle like the above, it could be an emotional trigger or a press on a pain point to call them out! It just needs to grab attention to get them over to your product page - because that is where the selling happens!)

  1. When a home has the presence of the Holy Spirit in it everyone feels happier. Get this Faith, Love, Hope 3 piece canvas to showcase belief in our Saviour.
  2. Blank wall? Bland environment? Something missing? Get this 3 piece Faith, Love, Hope Canvas to add flair to any room today!
  3. Don't spend $1,000's on repainting that old wall. Get our 3 piece Faith, Love, Hope Canvas set with free shipping to liven up that dull wall!


 (Use can use these products for inspiration or upsells/down-sells as complementary products for existing products in your niche business/niche category of a general store model.)

  1. Prayer Journal for women 
  2. Christian Stickers 
  3. Promises from God cards 
  4. Inspirational Bracelet  
  5. Keepsake Box 
  6. Scripture Coffee Mug 
  7. Wooden Wall art 
  8. Scripture Throw blanket   
  9. Bible Bag 
  10. Stone Heart Ornament 
  • Print On Demand Bundle Idea: (Use these ideas for relevant & applicable POD products. E.g. If we have researched a children's product, see if you can use the quote or design of the T-shirt we have included here & create a tote bag, mug, water bottle, lunch box, cellphone cover, etc. )




  • Suggested Promotional Approach:  Depending on the physical products you sell you could offer Quantity Breaks & Tiered pricing. For items that cost less than $10 with a perceived value of $30+, you can test a Free Plus Shipping offer.
  • Brand Building Continuity Booster: There are so many ways to provide value on a monthly basis for this audience. You could provide virtual Bible study groups or Christian support connect group communities. You could create a mini-course on "How you can apply Proverbs to Business" for e.g. From a physical product perspective you could offer a Christian T-shirt (or jewelry, home decor, etc.) of the month club where every month for a fee they get one surprise product sent to them or perhaps you charge access to the club like Amazon Prime for a "deals of the month club" and you go ahead and find affiliate deals with brands in the Christian niche and every one part of the monthly club gets a top 25 Christian XYZ products - which gives them a discount on the products and you get affiliate commissions for every product sold. 


This is a treasure trove of folks with authority in the Christianity niche.

Socialize with them. Include them in round-up posts, feature them in your content, create a review/testimonial piece about them, etc. interview them. Model them as you do more research over time.

These personalities are definitely not your opposition, instead, we suggest looking at them as potential joint venture partners, traffic partners, shout out for shoutout partners who can send you traffic, and join you on your EcomConquest to serve your audience.

Top Christianity blogs:

Make use of these blogs to get content ideas, opportunities to networking, guest posting gigs, link building traffic, etc.

  1. Inspired By His Word
  2. Team Jesus Magazine
  3. iBelieve
  4. The Praying Woman
  5. Christianity Today

Top Christianity forums:

  1. Christian Forums
  2. Talk Jesus
  3. Christian Chat
  4. UK Christian Web
  5. Worthy Christian Forums

(ER: Engagement Rate %)


  1. Her True Worth: 956k Followers, 3% ER
  2. The Best Christian Memes: 350k Followers, 5.5% ER
  3. Bible Journalling: 24.8k Followers, 5% ER


  1. No Ring No Sheets: 4.4k Subscribers, 3.9% ER
  2. FaithWorks Pictures: 6k Subscribers, 17% ER
  3. Probably Alexandra: 44k Subscribers, 4.2% ER


  1. Living Christian: 3.5m Unique Monthly Viewers
  2. Woman of Noble Character: 1.6m Unique Monthly Viewers
  3. Equipping Godly Women: 656k Unique Monthly Viewers
  4. Think About Such Things: 2.7m Unique Monthly Views


  1. Ask Pastor John
  2. The Holy Post
  3. Boundless
  4. The 5 Minute Discipleship Podcast
  5. That's NOT Christian

Reddit Christianity Groups:

  1. Christianity
  2. True Christian
  3. Christians for Christians
  4. Christians
  5. Bible


(Use your brand and store to do good in the world! Build a charitable contribution to your sales prices & offers. Promote that you will donate 10% (as an example) to XYZ charity / Non-Profit for every sale of ABC product! Then be a good ethical person and donate it to the charity! Use screenshots of your donations to build trust and credibility in your brand and store with your customers!)

    1. Water Mission
    2. Samaritan's Purse
    3. The Salvation Army



This is definitely one way to prove demand in a niche to show that it is can be profitable.

Take a look at the sites below and others in the niche that are leaders today and emulate what they do and have on their sites. Some authority site owners build to flip and others build to create additional income revenue streams for themselves every month.

What's your goal?

  1. - Sold for $1,000, Est. Profit p/mo: Undisclosed
  2. - Selling for $29,999, Est. Profit p/mo: Undisclosed
  3. - Selling for $100,000, Est. Profit p/mo: $545


The first thing is to run and maintain a relevant authority site, eCommerce store, email list, podcast, YouTube channel, etc. in the Christianity niche.

The Christianity niche has all the makings of a successful online business regardless of how you decide to go forth and conquer this niche.

There is a passionate audience that spends cash and time on products and services. There are other folks claiming their piece of the proverbial pie - competition is a good thing as it proves demand.

The Christianity niche has loads of social media accounts and personalities, many blogs, and active forums, podcasts with a huge amount of downloads as well as many paid advertising options on Google and Facebook to name but a few.

This gives you many opportunities to reach the target audience easier.

You can build brand awareness by driving traffic by answering questions using forum marketing and networking, commenting on influencers' social media content once you have optimized your social media accounts bio and links to get some of that influencer's traffic to your site.

You can also participate in blog commenting with a link in your signature, guest posting to build up your own profile as part of this audience's A-List of online celebrities. You can spend time adding value in Facebook groups where your audience hangs out and become a household name.

By being part of these communities you can collect content ideas from seeing what other site owners are creating and also from the questions that the community is asking.

Use a method like "The Skyscraper" method, which simply means "building a Skyscraper a.k.a a blog" that is longer, bigger, better optimized, has more valuable information, linking to authoritative websites, is rich with media such as YouTube videos, images that are optimized, etc. than the guys and gals that rank on page 1 of Google for e.g. 

This passionate audience can help you start to see some profits in a relatively short space of time. You must be consistent in putting out valuable content and making good strong offers that resonate with your audience. 

The research data and insights in this report will help you get going quickly on that road! Take action today.

Be social, that is why it's called social media. Share cool content, do reviews, link to others content from your website and you will grow. The law of reciprocity will kick in and some folks will return the favor and build links to you too.

Ensure along the way, across all platforms, articles, etc. that you are providing value and you always have a call to action. That call to action doesn't have to be 'buy now', it could be "share this with XYZ", tag a friend, comment with your favorite emoji, download this free ebook, checklist, guide, and so on and so forth.

And don't forget to build your email list so you can continue to build your relationship with your audience, drive traffic back to your newest content, and promote to your audience.


  1. A place for your blog/site to live. Look for professional, reliable hosting.
  2. You will need a domain that you can make your own with your brand. I like GoDaddy.
  3. Good images and videos for your site and content. Great free places like Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay to get you started.
  4. You will need an autoresponder software service to deliver communications of new blog posts, sales, freebies, etc. that your audience can consume from you. There are some good ones out there like MailerLite, MailChimp, Aweber, and ActiveCampaign.
  5. Email capture tools for your blog/site. There are stand-alone software services like OptinMonster, SumoMe, etc. but many of the autoresponder services mentioned above offer basic pop-ups, etc. that you can embed on your blog/site for free as part of your monthly service.

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