E.g. of Gripply Ice Grips For Shoes
E.g. of Gripply Ice Grips For Shoes
E.g. of Gripply Ice Grips For Shoes
E.g. of Gripply Ice Grips For Shoes

E.g. of Gripply Ice Grips For Shoes

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You get EVERYTHING that we included in the v1 consumer data-backed researched product AND you get ALL THE LATEST DATA INSIGHTS & ANALYTICS & VALUE ADDED INFORMATION from the all-new EcomConquest Version 2.0 Product Pages!

Don't Slip On The Ice This Year!

We all love spending time outdoors and planning those amazing mountain climbs with our friends and family!

Sometimes however we forget about those things that will help us up those climbs faster and increase our safety.

How do you scale that snowy mountain quicker than ever before? I'm glad you asked!

That is where our Gripply Ice Grips For Shoes come in with their steel spiked traction capabilities to reduce the potential slips and falls so you can see those breathtaking views sooner!

A slip or fall could ruin a holiday that you paid hundreds if not thousands for, not just for you but also for those that are with you on the climb and trail. 

With high-quality rustproof spikes under the ball and heel of your foot provide excellent grip on slick surfaces.

Gripply Ice Grips For Shoes stretch to fit easily over any type of shoe or boot. They are flexible and compact for easy carrying and storage. GripOns are not for technical climbing.

    For a limited time only as part of our Winter Enthusiast Collection promotion, you can get yourself a set at 30% OFF and when you buy one pair you get one pair for free for your climbing partner!

    Stocks are limited due to high demand for these ice grips for boots and shoes that can even be used when you are shoveling snow in your driveway to keep you safe!

    Get yours today!


    • Reduces slip and fall potential
    • Steel spiked traction
    • Strong long-lasting material
    • Buy one size larger for thick-soled work boots
    • Weighs 8 ounces
    • Spike color may vary(Available colors: Orange and Green)

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