Hanging Healing Drum
Hanging Healing Drum
Hanging Healing Drum
Hanging Healing Drum
Hanging Healing Drum
Hanging Healing Drum

Hanging Healing Drum

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Enjoy the soothing and anti-stress sounds of Hang Drum! It is very easy to play and is the perfect gift for anyone who feels stressed.
The drum is handmade and professionally tuned to give you the best sound experience.

A sound you won't forget

The drum is often praised for its relaxing sounds and meditative effects.
All of our drums are tuned to the C major scale, which means they will produce beautiful sounds whether you are an experienced musician or a beginner.
To play the drum you can use the hands or mallets provided to start producing beautiful music.

Perfect for yoga, meditation, and stress relief.

Throughout the world, yoga and rescue centers have begun to use elements of sound meditation. Sound and vibration induce a state of relaxation perfect for deep meditation and creative thinking.
The calming nature of the drum makes it perfect for use after a day of hard work, or a week of stress. The type of instrument we make is often associated with an area of interest where music and wellness meet. We believe that music is, among other things, a means to heal the soul and we are always happy when we learn that the Hang Drum is used for music therapy applications or even just for the pursuit of personal well-being. However, we like to emphasize that we do not attribute any "metaphysical" properties to the instrument itself: everyone can get different benefits and satisfactions according to their own sensibility.

  • $29.99 - PRODUCT COST

  2. GENDER: All
  3. AGE RANGE: 18-60+
  4. AUDIENCE SIZE: 7.4m
  5. INTERESTS: Drummer, Health & wellness, meditation, Personal care, Yoga, Drums, sound healing, holistic medicine

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